Kyle Rawlins

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science Department

IPython Lambda Notebook

The Jupyter lambda notebook is a tool for linguists working in compositional semantics to develop and interactively test digital fragments, as well as dynamically present compositional systems in a classroom or talk setting. This tool aims to move beyond traditional Montague Grammar-style fragments and provide an extensible framework for fragments that are digital, interactive and modular. The interface is in the style of a mathematica notebook, providing for the mixing of code and documentation; it is web-based and built on top of Jupyter Notebook and MathJax.

The project is in an open alpha, and is available on github. More information on installation here. You can view a non-interactive version of the demo notebook on nbviewer.

Here’s a screenshot showing some bottom-up composition:

Lamb teaser screenshot

Here’s a screenshot demonstrating implementing Heim & Kratzer’s Predicate Modification as a typeshift, rather than a composition rule:

PM via type-shifting

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