Kyle Rawlins

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science Department


Technology underlies research to a greater and greater degree. One of my ongoing projects is to develop computational tools for assisting in the development of compositional semantic systems; more information here. This project is in an open alpha and is downloadable from github.

Here are some tools I recommend:

  • BibDesk for managing bibliographies as well as PDF libraries.
  • OmniFocus for task management and information organization. I used to use a personal MoinMoin wiki, customized with some linguistics-specific stuff (email me if you’re interested in the source).
  • I use LaTeX for as much document preparation as possible, in particular, MacTeX. For years I was a dedicated aquamacs user, but I have recently switched to sublime text 2.
  • I sometimes do a tutorial on LaTeX for linguistics and cognitive science; here are the materials from a recent instance.