Kyle Rawlins

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science Department


My research focus is in natural language semantics and pragmatics, the syntax/semantics interface, and syntax. If you would like a less technical overview of my work, go to this page.

This page gives selected talks/papers chronologically. If you’d rather view them thematically, several of my research projects have their own page:

  1. Questions, responses, and attitudes
  2. Unconditionals, conditionals, and free choice
  3. The interpretation of adverbs and modifiers
  4. The IPython Lambda Notebook
  5. Other: Mathematical properties of natural language, Definite possessives, Iroquoian languages.

Recent and upcoming presentations

  • Nov 2016: invited talk at Conditionals at the Crossroads, Konstanz.
  • Sep 2016: Sinn und Bedeutung, White and Rawlins. Question agnosticism and change of state.
  • Jul 2016: NASSLLI/SemDial at Rutgers. I taught a 1-week course on questions in discourse, integrated computational and linguistic perspectives. The slides from the course are available here. I also commentated on a paper by Craige Roberts in the anaphora and coherence workshop, and participated in a panel discussion about QUDs as part of SemDial.
  • May 2016: SALT (White and Rawlins): A computational model of s-selection. [slides, PDF]
  • May 2016: SALT (Bledin and Rawlins): Epistemic resistance moves (poster). Full manuscript available on request.

Selected talks and papers: