Kyle Rawlins

Kyle Rawlins
Cognitive Science Department
Johns Hopkins University
Room 237 Krieger Hall
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD, 21218

Office: Krieger 149
Office phone: 410-516-5330
Office hours: Thu 11-12 (Spring 2016)

kgr at dot jhu dot edu (or rawlins at gmail dot com)

Quick link: Computational Lexical Semantics, ESSLLI 2017 course with Aaron Steven White.

Quick link: Asking what ifs slides, 5/20/17, University of Toronto What if workshop.

Quick link: What ifs slides, 11/11, conditionals at the crossroads.

Quick link: Particle ‘or’ handout, 10/17


2017– : Associate Professor, Cognitive Science Department, JHU
2010–2017: Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science Department, JHU
2008–2010: Visiting Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science Department, JHU
2003–2008: PhD student in the Linguistics department at UC Santa Cruz

For more details, see my CV.


Areas of interest: Formal semantics, pragmatics, syntax, and the interfaces of these fields, mathematical linguistics, philosophy of language (mainly
philosophical semantics), computational semantics.

Empirical domains of particular interest: conditionals (clausal adjuncts more generally), adverbs, interrogatives/questions (and other non-declaratives), question-answer discourse, regular polysemy, definiteness, anaphora (donkey anaphora in particular), Iroquoian phonology.

There is also a more detailed overview of my research interests, with downloadable papers. If you are wondering what linguistics/semantics/etc. is, this page (an informal overview to my research, for non-specialists) might be of interest to you.


Fall 2017: Semantics I
Spring 2018: Mathematical models of language
Past: Go here.

Some LaTeX resources.

I am the faculty advisor of the JHU Go Club (facebook group).

Non-linguistic: sometimes I create music; see my music website and my soundcloud page.