Plasma, whether astrophysical or produced in the laboratory, is a state of matter that exists over very large domains of densities and temperatures. Its properties can be studied based on emission of radiation through spectroscopy. Our plasma spectroscopy program has grown out of the astrophysics research and extended to the domain of magnetically confined fusion plasma studies.

Plasma Spectroscopy: In this area we study topics extending from particle confinement and transport to turbulence and non-magnetic mapping of field structures based on spectroscopic analysis of the X-ray emission patterns of highly ionized, intrinsic and atoms injected in a controlled manner in the hot core of tokamak plasmas for diagnostic purposes.

X-ray Imaging: As plasma spectroscopy experiments have a strong imaging component, our group’s research efforts have been extended to phase-contrast-based imaging. This technique is currently being applied in the areas of high energy density plasma physics diagnostics, as well as the bio-medical and material science domain.

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