The Physics & Astronomy Postdoc + Research Staff association (PAPRS, pronounced “papers”) aims to foster a sense of belonging and increased representation for postdoctoral fellows and research staff during this bridging stage of our careers. We aim to build a sense of community consciousness via the creation of a formal association in the model of other successful representative groups (e.g., PAGS, SPS), in order to increase our visibility and sense of cohesion beyond our own individual research groups. 

The purpose of PAPRS is to bring together postdoctoral fellows and research staff from all over the department (astrophysics, high energy physics, condensed matter physics, etc.) to become an umbrella body under which advocacy, representation, and general support will be ensured. The main roles of PAPRS include:

  • Helping the department with ongoing efforts to achieve an optimal work environment in terms of diversity and inclusion and healthy work relationships.
  • Organizing professional and academic events such as physics seminars, career development workshops, etc. that are geared towards postdocs and research staff, and also graduate students.
  • Welcoming incoming postdocs and research staff to the department and to Baltimore (and to the US), and providing support and advice regarding human resources concerns, email lists and other IT issues, and international arrivals, in order to smooth arrival to the department. 
  • Organizing social events that will help to build a strong community and improve the working environment in the department.

By pursuing these objectives, PAPRS will significantly contribute to departmental goals, both at a professional and personal level, and help to achieve a more welcoming and inclusive workplace in which all of us can do the best research.

Latest News and Upcoming Activities

Cooking Class/Meeting Feb. 6 or 7th (poll ongoing)

Savvas will be presenting on zoom on either Feb. 6 or Sunday Feb. 7: “Moutzentra” a food of Cyprus with arabic influences. It is a tasty lentil rice mixture that you can eat as a main dish and also combine with other things. The food is vegan, as you can see from the materials, and is… Read more »

Meeting 2/3/2021

We discussed upcoming events (cooking class/gathering, Gathertown coffee breaks, mentorship program, talks/workshop). The next meeting is 2/24.

Meeting 1/20/2021

We discussed social (distant) activities, the postdoc mentorship program, and several other topics.