Student Publications

See this page for an up-to-date of first-author publications by JHU physics and astronomy graduate students.

Exam Guides

New Program

The department has recently (~fall of 2012) implemented an assortment of changes to the requirements for new graduate students. The main changes are a decrease in the number of required classes (4-5), and semester long projects beginning immediately.

Our Guide to Being a Grad Student

In the fall of 2016, we had a Wine and Cheese seminar to discuss the various rights, responsibilities, and goals of grad students in general, with the occasional specific aimed towards life at Johns Hopkins. The set of slides from that event can be found here, and is a valuable resource for students at any point during their graduate career. Disclaimer: some aspects of this presentation are slightly outdated. In particular, the diagnostic exam has been abolished, and the research exam is held in the beginning of the second year, not at the end of the first.