Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

The Department of Mathematics hires undergraduates as teaching assistants for several courses. In order to become a TA candidate, the undergraduate student must have completed the course they wish to TA with either an A- or higher. If you meet this requirement, you can complete the Application form and Pledge of Office form and submit them to the academic program coordinator in Krieger Hall 405. Applications are reviewed and students are contacted as they are needed.

Listed below are some TA responsibilities; please note that these can vary for each course.

Typical Teaching Assistant Duties
  • Grading homework and/or exams
  • Assisting the instructor during class meetings
  • Recording grades, maintaining records and providing pertinent information

regarding grades to the instructor on a regular basis

  • Holding office hours, meeting students by appointment, and helping them via

phone or email. Undergraduate TAs must hold a minimum of 1 office hour per week in an approved location

  • Conducting help and/or review sessions
  • Suggesting homework or exam questions and writing the solutions to the questions
  • Writing/copying handouts
  • Proctoring exams

NOTE: All TAs will be supervised by the course instructor and all grading will be checked.