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Math Help Room

The Math Help Room is located in 213 Krieger Hall.

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Academic Advising

Undergraduate Course Schedule

Math Gateway Science Initiative Media Library

Fun Stuff

The Chalkboard
A blog hosted by Professor Richard Brown, the director of undergraduate studies.

JHU Undergraduate Mathematics on Facebook

Math Club
A social as well as academic campus organization focusing on both the fun and serious sides of mathematics research and education.

Undergraduate Awards

Careers in Math

JHU Career Center

Careers In Science and Engineering
A guide to help upper-division undergraduate and graduate students in science, engineering, and mathematics to make career and educational choices.

National Academy of Sciences Career Planning Center
A “one-stop shopping” location for job openings and the guidance and information needed to make decisions about education and career choices.

Peterson’s Guides
Information dissemination about elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional degree programs, study abroad, executive management programs, distance learning, financial aid, internships, summer programs, and career information.

American Mathematical Society Career Information
An alphabetical listing of more thanĀ 90 career profiles of mathematicians working in nonacademic positions.