Proposal Preparation

Proposals are written by the principal investigator (PI), with assistance from his or her departmental resources. BARA provides assistance with obtaining and interpreting agency guidelines, providing all administrative data such as rates and assurance dates, and reviewing the completed proposal.

In general, a proposal consists of:

  1. A narrative or technical section
  2. Agency specified forms
  3. Budget
  4. Budget explanation

The narrative or technical section should be a clear and concise explanation of the planned research, including specific goals and methodologies. The budget is the best estimate of support needed to perform the research proposed. It should detail and justify each category of cost with supporting detail.

General Format

Most federal and many private agencies provide application forms and guidelines. A proposal could be eliminated if the agency’s instructions are not precisely followed. In cases where instructions are not provided, the following basic format is suggested:

  1. Cover page
  2. Certifications and representations (as required by agency)
  3. Abstract containing a brief overview (approximately one page) of the proposed research including goals and methods
  4. Introduction that identifies the subject of the proposal and the need for the research
  5. Statement of work that outlines the precise goals and methodologies
  6. Budget estimates for each category of cost and supporting detail
  7. Appendix, including biographical documentation for key personnel and other supporting documents as appropriate

Information & Guides

  • See a chart outlining PI eligibility in the Homewood Academic Council Procedures Manual.
  • For detailed information on proposal development and preparation, see the KSAS Proposal Preparation Guide.