Terminations & Exits

Policies regarding termination of a staff member may be found in the JHU Personnel Policy Manual. The KSAS director of human resources should be consulted in advance of beginning the involuntary termination process, performance improvement plan, or progressive discipline counseling.

Reduction in Force (RIF)

If a staff member is to be terminated as the result of a Reduction In Force (RIF) due to lack of funds or the abolishment of a position, written notice must be given at least one month prior to the termination date. As above, the KSAS director of human resources should be consulted in advance of any job abolishment. The General Counsel’s Office will also review and approve all RIFs.

Voluntary Resignation

Notification of voluntary resignation should be submitted in writing to the staff member’s supervisor. Staff members are required to provide a minimum of two weeks’ notification to their supervisor; senior staff are required to give at least four weeks’ notification. Failure to give adequate notification renders the individual ineligible for rehire by the university. Additional information is provided on the Human Resources site.

Upon notification of a resignation, the supervisor should forward the original resignation letter to KSAS HR for the official file and refer to the Resignation Checklist – Supervisor Review. As part of the exiting process, the supervisor will notify KSAS HR of the employee’s resignation and forward original signed resignation letter. The supervisor may use the E-Mail to Exiting Employee to notify the staff member of their responsibilities prior to their last date of work.

Exit Interview

The supervisor and/or the employee may schedule an in-person exit interview prior to the employee’s last date of work. KSAS Human Resources is also available for an in-person exit interview.

Termination ISRs

Please note: Staff members resigning to take another position within JHU should NOT be terminated; the hiring department will need to initiate the appropriate ISR for a reassignment. The department administrator or ISR initiator should complete the appropriate ISR as soon as possible after receiving notification of the resignation. ISRs can be processed in advance of the actual last date of work.

E-210 Timesheets

The resigning staff member should complete their portion of the E-210 as of their last date of work. The KASPER Human Resources section on the E-210 (electronic time sheet) provides information regarding coding the E-210 in the event of employment termination.


Benefits at termination may be accessed on the Leaving JHU and COBRA sections of the Benefits website.

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