Policies & Procedures

Johns Hopkins University official policies and procedures are designed to provide managerial and supervisory staff with uniform knowledge to assure equitable and consistent application of university guidelines. They are intended, also, to provide a consistent resource for all staff members employed by the university.

It is the responsibility of each manager and supervisor to administer these policies consistently and impartially. The KSAS Human Resources staff will assist you in the interpretation and application of university policies.

University Policies and Statements Website

Official Johns Hopklins University policies, Krieger School policies and procedures, and others can be found on the University Policies and Statements website.

JHU Personnel Policy Manual

The JHU Personnel Policy Manual includes policies and procedures relating to employment, compensation, work standards, work hours, leave time, and other personnel benefits, as well as other general policies.

KSAS Policy on Professional Misconduct

The Policy on Professional Misconduct provides a fair and orderly means of handling allegations of professional misconduct raised against members of the faculty and senior administrative staff of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.