Payment of salary and wages for staff, faculty, and students is made through KSAS Human Resources, University Experiential Learning, and Payroll Shared Services. For information regarding payroll processes including job aides, payroll dates and deadlines, forms, etc., please refer to the Payroll Shared Services website.

Payroll Guidelines

For staff, faculty, and salaried graduate students, payroll data is submitted for processing through an ISR (Internal Service Request). ISR’s are initiated at the department level and are then submitted to approvers for review and submission to HR Shared Services. The department administrator or designee will have Approver I authority on ISRs. KSAS HR will have Approver II authority, except in the case of students and postdocs (Approver II is University Experiential Learning). Please refer to the KSAS ISR approver matrix to obtain ISR Approver I and Approver II authorizations. HR Shared Services is the final approver for ISRs, and their staff enter the data into SAP in real time.

Semi-monthly paychecks are automatically generated in accordance with the ISR payroll data entered into SAP. A separate action ISR would be required to change salary information or to make adjustments to payroll, such as initiating a leave of absence without pay.

See instructions on HR Shared Services site for details on completing the ISR.

For students and staff paid on an hourly basis, actual hours worked is entered in to CATS payroll system. Upon receiving a time card approved by the student’s supervisor, the department’s administrator or a departmental designated payroll coordinator will have the authority to enter and approve the hourly working time in CATS.

Pay Schedule

KSAS faculty, staff, senior staff, appointed staff, and all students are paid on a semi-monthly basis; pay dates are the 15th of each month and on the last day working day of each month.

Non-exempt hourly staff and all undergraduate students will be paid on an hourly basis, based on a 37.5 hour work week.

One-time fellowship recipients are not paid through Payroll Shared Services. Their information is entered into Master Data and their checks will be issued through accounts payable as a one-time lump sum payment. Please refer to the HR Shared Services site for complete details on paying one-time fellowship recipients.

Independent Contractors

Approvals for independent contractor short-form certifications for under $5,000 are provided by the KSAS director of human resources. Full certification requests (long-form) for $5,000 and above are approved by the University Tax Office. Full certification requests should be faxed to 443-997-8538 and questions can be emailed to Disbursement of payments to bona fide independent contractors (see Policies & Procedures on Independent Contractors) is not handled through the payroll system or Payroll Shared Services. Payments to independent contracts must be made through a purchase order in SAP. Please refer to the Controller’s Office site.

Recording Attendance And Submitting Hours Worked

All wage and salary information is maintained in SAP, though there are several methods of recording attendance and submitting hours worked:

  • The electronic E-210 used by staff for recording attendance and tracking of accrued and used vacation and or sick time, as well as other time off, holidays, leaves of absence, etc. The E-210 system is an attendance tracking system only and does not interface with SAP payroll. Adjustments to salary cannot be made through the E-210 system. (Please see the ISR section.)
  • CATS, the SAP timekeeping system, is used for recording actual hours worked for hourly paid students and employees. The hours worked are entered directly into SAP, and this information is used to generate the pay check.
  • An Internal Service Request (ISR) is used to input overtime pay for non-exempt employees, or to reduce salaries, such as a leave of absence without pay.
  • Faculty do not accrue paid leave time and their time and attendance is not tracked through the E-210 system.

Students: All undergraduate students and some graduate students are paid on an hourly basis. If paid an hourly wage, the hours worked are entered directly into SAP via the CATS system for processing the paycheck through Payroll Shared Services. Hourly students must have supervisor approval of their time worked prior to submitting their time to the departmental timekeeper. Their hours worked must be submitted by the payroll cutoff deadline established by their department. The payroll deadline should coincide with the HRSS/Payroll time entry cutoff date. The departmental administrator or approved payroll coordinator will enter the hours worked into CATS. Please note that failure to enter the student’s hours worked by the cutoff deadlines established by Payroll Shared Services will result in no paycheck being generated for that pay period. Departments should retain the original copy of the approved time submitted by the student.

For graduate students paid a salary (not on an hourly basis), their pay is generated through the hiring ISR. Refer to the University Experiential Learning site for details on how to process students.

Off-Cycle Check Requests

Department administrators must notify KSAS HR in the event that an off-cycle check is needed and provide the reason for the request. Instructions, deadline dates, as well as fees charged to the department for an off-cyle check request are included on HR Payroll Shared Services site.


Department administrators are responsible for tracking hours worked by employees to avoid overpayments. Occasionally, due the timing of the payroll cycle and processing of the hiring ISR, leave of absence without pay ISR, or termination ISR, an overpayment of wages to an employee may result. When an overpayment of wages occurs, KSAS HR must be notified.  The budget analyst in the Dean’s Business Office processes correction and collection of the overpaid wages and should be contacted as soon as you are aware of an overpayment situation.

Hiring Salaries

  • Staff – Please see the Hiring page.
  • Faculty & Appointed Research Staff – Please see the Faculty Appointments page.

Salaries For Faculty And Appointees

Salaries for faculty and other appointees are determined by the department chair and the appropriate dean. Salaries for new appointees are determined by negotiation between the department chair and the dean during the appointment process; salaries for current appointees are determined during the annual budget review process.

For complete information on faculty appointments, please refer to the Faculty Appointments page.

Senior And Support Staff

KSAS merit increases are effective on January 1 of each year. Completed, signed performance evaluation forms (see the Performance Management page) should be sent to KSAS Human Resources. Written documentation of the requested increase should be sent to the director of human resources. Exceptions to salary guidelines established annually by KSAS deans require approval of the Dean’s Office and should be substantiated in the completed performance appraisal and a letter from the chair justifying the request for an exception.

Requests for approval of position upgrades, equity increases, and any other salary adjustments should be submitted in writing to the KSAS director of human resources.

Supplemental Pay, Comp Time, Reduction, and Overtime Payroll Requests

Non-exempt support staff are entitled to overtime pay, at the normal hourly rate for additional hours worked up to 40 in a work week. Overtime at time and a half is paid for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a work week. A designated department member with payroll authority may submit the overtime via a Bonus Supplemental ISR to payroll. The employee’s time record (E210) should reflect the hours worked and serve as a control measure against audit by the Federal Wage and Hour Board.

Exempt staff are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and therefore ineligible for overtime compensation. All requests for special payments for exempt staff must be approved by the Dean’s Office prior to submission to payroll.

Faculty and Appointed Staff: Supplemental pay for faculty and/or teaching/research staff should be reviewed and approved by the KSAS director of human resources.