Job Descriptions

Each staff member at the university should have a defined set of job responsibilities. The description of job duties, responsibilities, skills, and qualifications is set forth in the staff member’s position description. The description should be a current and accurate reflection of the job and every staff member should have a clear understanding of his/her position.

Job descriptions are created when the need for a new position is identified by a hiring department (see theĀ Hiring page). A KSAS position description should be completed to accompany the job requisition for all new positions.

Once a new position is identified, defined, posted, and filled, it should be reviewed periodically to determine whether it still accurately reflects job responsibilities.

There are three primary reasons for a position review to be completed:

  1. Newly Created or Restructured Position Opening
    When a new position is created, or an existing one is restructured, position documentation is reviewed and an appropriate pay grade and title are assigned to the open position.
  2. Replacement Positions
    Prior to recruiting for an existing position that has been previously classified, the description of the job will be reviewed to ensure that its pay grade is still appropriate.
  3. Position with Significant Change – Reclassification
    For the purposes of the university’s job classification program, a “significant” change occurs in a position when:

    • A responsibility has been added and is being performed on a regular and continuous basis
    • An existing responsibility that had been performed on an infrequent basis is now performed on a regular and continuous basis
    • A responsibility performed on a regular and continuous basis has been deleted or decreased
    • Areas or functions within a department are being reorganized and cause a change in the responsibilities of a position or positions

When significant changes occur in a position, it is the shared responsibility of the supervisor and the staff member to submit a revised position description to the KSAS director of human resources. The position description must describe the position’s responsibilities, requirements, and skills as they currently exist. The position description may be used to assign the position in the JHU job classification system, define essential responsibilities, and describe working/physical demands to satisfy legal requirements including the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).