Recruitment and Hiring Procedures

The staffing needs of each department within KSAS are determined by the department in consultation with the dean for finance and administration and are initiated by the department. If current funding is available and the position is approved, the hiring process is initiated:

  1. The hiring manager reviews/edits an existing job description or creates a new position description. Position descriptions should document a complete and accurate representation of the essential job functions of the position, including the required experience, skills, and qualifications to perform them.
  2. The updated position description is emailed to the HR coordinator for review. The final draft is sent to the director of human resources and the senior dean of finance and administration for approval.
  3. Upon approval, the HR coordinator notifies the hiring manager and contacts Homewood Divisional HR to begin the job posting process. KSAS HR will review and approve requisitions prior to submission for all full-time, part-time, limited-time, temporary and casual positions.
  4. When submitted, the requisition is reviewed by the Compensation Department to determine the salary role, level, range, classified title, and the minimum qualifications required for the position. If the position is a direct replacement of a previous position, and the job description has not changed, the position will retain the same salary range, classified title, etc.
  5. After the Compensation Department review has been completed, an auto-generated email will be sent to the hiring manager and to KSAS HR with the information/codes necessary to complete the appropriate ISR to create ord maintain the position in SAP.
  6. The classified requisition is assigned to a Talent Acquisition Specialist in University Administration, Talent Acquisition Dept. The Talent Acquisition Specialist creates a job posting for approval by KSAS HR and posts it on the JHU website and the HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium) website. If the hiring manager desires, positions may also be advertised in appropriate journals, newspapers, websites, etc., and charged to the departmental budget. All benefits bearing positions must be posted for a minimum of five days to allow applicants to apply.
  7. The employment specialist conducts a preliminary screening of all applications. If a candidate meets the minimum qualifications as stated in the job posting, the employment specialist will release the application for viewing on the JHU Jobs Management website for consideration by the hiring manager. The hiring manager may request assistance from the senior human resources coordinator with establishing a selection committee, determining appropriate and relevant interview questions, and other aspects of the interviewing and selection process. In the case of departmental administrator positions, the director of human resources participates in the application review and interview process.
  8. When the interview process is complete and the selection of the best candidate for hire is made, a hiring salary is determined jointly by the hiring manager and the director of human resources based on established salary ranges, candidate qualifications/experience, equity within KSAS, and financial constraints. Exceptions to hiring salary ranges or other discrepancies are resolved by the director of human resources. KSAS HR makes a job offer to the selected candidate, contingent on background, highest degree, and reference checks. Other investigations may also be performed if appropriate (for example, a credit check may be run for a financial position).
  9. When a starting date is determined, a KSAS HR representative completes a New Hire Report (HCI) containing basic hiring information to assist the hiring manager in completing the hiring ISR.
  10. A JHED ID is issued to the new employee by the hiring department, which can be found by looking him/her up in the online employee directory. If an email account is needed, the hiring manager should contact their departmental IT Specialist with the JHED ID and budget number. The account should be active within 24 hours. If a JHED is required in advance of the new employee’s starting date, contact KSAS HR for assistance.
  11. On or before the first day of employment, the new hire must visit HR Business Services (1101 East 33rd Street, Suite E001) to complete required employment documents (e.g. tax exemptions, J-card information, and a federal I-9 Form). Non U.S. citizens must provide proof of eligibility to work at the university before they begin their position. Foreign visitors should contact the Office of International Services at Homewood. Within the first three days of employment, all new employees must complete an I-9 form.
  12. Personnel Policy Manual – Recruiting & Employment
  13. Also refer to sections on student employment and summer employment at Student Employment Services.