Donor Relations

Every year, Arts and Sciences counts on its alumni and friends to make gifts in support of students, faculty, departments, and programs. Our success in fundraising depends primarily upon our success in demonstrating to donors that their gifts are both critically important and greatly appreciated.

As noted in the Charitable Gifts section, most gifts are made for the unrestricted or general support of the school. The largest gifts, however, are almost always made with a specific purpose in mind. It is our responsibility to steward donors by annually reporting how their gifts have been used to advance the school’s mission.

General stewardship calendar for the Office of External Affairs:

  • July 1: Fiscal year begins.
  • September: Begin collecting information on named graduate fellowships.
  • November: Begin announcing named undergraduate scholarships to students and donors.
  • December: Begin reporting named fellowships to donors.
  • February: Resume reporting on named undergraduate scholarships (student thank you letters are sent). Resume collecting named fellowship information.
  • March/April: Annual scholarship undergraduate student/donor event.
  • April/May: Begin reporting on named professorships, providing donors with updates about the professor’s work. Resume reporting fellowship information to donors.
  • June 30: Fiscal year ends, all endowment reporting must be complete.

Ongoing: Departments should share recipient info for named fellowships to External Affairs as it becomes available so that we can report this information to the donors. External Affairs may also be in touch throughout the year to ask for department updates/news to share on donor visits and/or in stewardship letters and reports.

For more information about expenditures to endowments, see Endowments.