Travel and Travel Reimbursements: A Shared Responsibility

The university reimburses faculty, staff, and students for approved travel and business expenses when incurred while conducting university business.

Travel, within KSAS, is a multi-faceted process. Any business trip that includes reimbursement will involve different people/units, depending on where in the cycle the travel planning or reimbursement is located.

Traveler Responsibility

Persons traveling on behalf of the university should exercise good judgment with respect to incurring travel and entertainment expenses and are expected to spend funds prudently. When the traveler arranges travel plans, it is his/her responsibility to comply with the university’s policies governing travel costs and entertainment. (The traveler can find policy, for example, of what price guidelines to keep in mind when booking airfare.)

An excellent resource for the traveler is the Johns Hopkins Travel Center. On this site, the traveler can find links for the following travel needs:

  • Agencies
  • Airline discounts
  • Concierge (services)
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotels
  • International travel
  • News
  • Payment methods
  • Policies

The traveler must retain the required documentation, so that expenses can be reimbursed. The traveler must be cognizant of expenses which are not reimbursable and not include them in their reimbursement documentation.

Prior to giving the reimbursement request to the departmental staff member, the traveler should put this information in an organized fashion and with all the information that is required. The university traveler should consult the Johns Hopkins Travel Center before booking travel.

Departmental Reimbursement Requestor Responsibility

The documentation described above is to be given to the designated staff member in the department to initiate the reimbursement process. When the staff member has fully processed the reimbursement through the SAP system, the reimbursement request will be routed to an approver. (The approver is always a different person then the initiator of the reimbursement.)

Business and Travel Staff, Accounts Payable Shared Services Responsibility

Final review and approval of the trip reimbursement, and the actual creation and mailing of a reimbursement check or a reimbursement to an employee’s direct deposit account, is the responsibility of the Business and Travel staff, within Accounts Payable Shared Services (APSS).

To see the listing of staff in the business unit of APSS, go to their contact page.

Travel Advances

Travel advances are available to university faculty, staff and students who are active in the payroll system. These cash advances are to be used for necessary expenditures that cannot be covered by other means. Travel advances are not available to university consultants or independent contractors.

For the university policy on travel advances, both traveler and departmental travel administrator should consult Section AP-TRV-PR-02 Advances of the JHU Policy and Procedures Manual.

Non-Employee Reimbursement

Non-employees may be reimbursed for certain expenses related to appropriate university business. (Reimbursements for non-employees are not submitted through TRIP in SAP. Use the Non-Employee Reimbursement Form.)