Revenue and Expenditure Accounting

Cash Receipts

The purpose of establishing and maintaining proper procedures applicable to all entities (academic, administrative, and clinical) in handling cash and checks is to ensure that payments made to the university are deposited intact and in a timely manner to the bank, and that they are recorded in the appropriate account.

The term “cash receipts” includes currency, checks, etc. received by mail or in person. Amounts received from third parties (i.e. entities external to John Hopkins University) for the delivery of goods or services, for reimbursement of expenses, or as contributions are to be treated as revenue and should be recorded using a revenue source code. Examples include: general funds revenues such as tuition and fees, auxiliary, parking, rental income, investment income, gifts, clinical revenues, etc. Reimbursement from: affiliated institutions, conferences and seminars, alumni functions, etc.

Cash receipts for deposit into general funds accounts are to be brought to the Arts & Sciences Business Office located in the Wyman Park Bldg., Ste. N600, and must be accompanied by the KSAS cash deposit form.

Cost Transfers

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Monthly Statement Reconciliation

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