Supply Chain Shared Service Center

The mission of the Supply Chain Shared Service Center is to support the educational, research, and patient care missions of the Johns Hopkins Institutions by providing effective and efficient supply chain management services in a customer focused manner.

Overview of Purchasing at JHU

For information about the University’s purchasing processes, refer to Overview of Purchasing at JHU, on the Supply Chain Services website.

Shopping Cart

Most purchases of goods and services for Johns Hopkins must be made using the electronic shopping cart feature of SAP. For guidance on all aspects of shopping cart, consult the SAP Upgrade Job Aids. Each topic listed on this webpage is linked to a separate job aid. If you are new to shoppingcCart, start with the “General Information” section to learn about shopping cart workflow, the correct browser settings, first-time login procedures, and other crucial beginning information.

Procurement Card

The Johns Hopkins University Procurement Card Program is one of the university’s two recommended methods for making small dollar purchases of urgently needed supplies and services. The Procurement Card Program is designed to provide authorized faculty and staff with a cost-effective and convenient method of procuring and paying for small dollar purchases of regularly consumed supplies and services. The university procurement card is a MasterCard obtained from JPMorgan Chase and should be accepted by any authorized supplier that accepts MasterCard cards.

For information on the Procurement Card Policy Guide and Procurement Card Approver Online Training, consult the “Procurement Card and GCMS Training” section of the SAP Upgrade Job Aids.


A comprehensive guide to training for shopping cart, purchase orders, and the Procurement Card Program can be found at Supply Chain Training and Support. Make sure to check the Program Sequence link. On this chart, the fifth column shows you the courses that must be taken to learn about purchasing, shopping cart, and procurement card. Each course listing is linked to the training session in myLearning@johnshopkins.




Supply Chain Staff Contact List

Josh Abel
Procurement Card Administrator

JPMorgan Chase Cardholder Support