Faculty Research Funds

Faculty are granted a variety of funds to support their research in addition to any sponsored funds they may be awarded. These are University funds (not personal funds) and are subject to all of the University spending policies. Examples below:

Faculty Research Budgets

The dean establishes Faculty Research Budgets(FRB) for individual faculty on a case by case basis. They can be a fixed annual allocation or a one-time amount.

Faculty research budgets are established for the purpose of assisting faculty in their scholarly pursuits. As with all university funds, these budgets are only to be used for activities related to the university’s mission of education, research, and public service. Faculty research budgets may not be used for expenses that are personal in nature or do not have a clear business purpose.

Faculty Start-Up Budgets

The dean establishes these accounts to meet the initial research needs of new faculty. The amount of the start-up budget is referenced in the faculty offer of appointment letter. The faculty start-up budget is a one-time amount alotted to the new faculty, typically available for a certain number of years.

The following are examples only. Faculty start-up costs may include: new office computer; software; laboratory equipment; temporary transition costs for research activities, payment to Post Docs and Research Assistants

Cost Share

  • See Sponsored Projects

Items Purchased with University Funds

Items purchased with university funds are the property of the university. Read the related policy. A departing faculty member who has purchased items with University funds can purchase these items, if they wish. The cost to purchase is determined by fair market value of the item. To determine the cost of the item, please contact the KSAS Business Office.