The balance that is left from the previous year on an account is called a carry-forward.

Several of these balances are automatically carried-forward by the system. The type of funds that receive an automatic carry-forward are: gift funds, endowment funds, and discretionary funds. Since these are automatic, no requests are needed for these types of funds.

General funds are not automatic and require a manual entry in SAP to receive the carry-forward. There are certain accounts that receive an automatic manual carry-forward. These are operating budgets, FRBs, start-ups, graduate budgets, and minor capital accounts. Please note that no carry-forwards are given on faculty salary and administrative salary budgets. Accounts that are not automatic require a request to receive a carry-forward. These include centers and programs budgets and special projects budgets.

Requests for carry-forwards should be sent to Vice Dean Matt Roller, with a copy to the Business Office, no later than the end of July, after the fiscal year closes. These requests must be submitted by the department chair or the program director. Vice Dean Roller has asked that these requests include an approximate amount and programmatic explanations for anticipated uses of the funds.

Carry-forwards are not available until the final close of the fiscal year which occurs late August. Manual entries are done in September and carry-forward balances should be visible in SAP Analysis no later than mid-October.

Please note that an account with a balance or deficit of $50 or less is not eligible for a carry-forward request or a reduction in budget.


Mary Favret
Vice Dean for Graduate Education and Centers and Programs
Wyman N629

June Miller
Financial Analyst
Wyman N608