Internal Audits

The Office of Hopkins Internal Audits serves all entities of the Johns Hopkins Enterprise, including, but not limited to, Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Health System, and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Internal auditing is defined as an independent appraisal function established within an organization to examine and evaluate its activities as a service to the organization.

OHIA does an annual internal plan. If there are any functions in KSAS which are part of the annual plan, the assistant dean for finance will notify the relevant staff.

If your department is contacted by OHIA or an external agency to request an audit, immediately contact the KSAS Business Office. The assistant dean for finance coordinates all audit activities.

Conflict of Interest Policies

Objectivity in Research, Academic Conflict of Interest

The Federal Department of Health and Human Services recently issued a final rule on objectivity in research, and grantee institutions must be in compliance by August 24, 2012. By “objectivity,” they mean the reduction of possible (potential and apparent) conflicts of interests and commitments that might bias scientists who receive Public Health Service funding (i.e., NIH and related agencies).

The university’s reputation for integrity, and its favored status as an institution exempt from taxation, requires that decisions made on behalf of the university reflect the best interests of the institution and not be motivated by a desire for personal and private gain. Each of us, therefore, is responsible for resolving conflicts between personal and institutional interests in favor of the university.

eDisclose Reporting System

Effective August 24, 2012, faculty are required to report their outside activities in real-time through an online electronic system called eDisclose. Online training for faculty on eDisclose is available through MyLearning.

Faculty should contact the director of the Homewood Institutional Review Board for more information.


The Office of Purchasing Services has issued a specific policy regarding vendors. Please see the JHU Ethics Statement on the Supply Chain Shared Services website.


Human Resources Shared Services has issued a policy on nepotism. This policy, under the heading Nepotism can be found in the Human Resources Policy Manual.


For the definition of fraud, and what to do if fraud is suspected, read Hopkins Internal Audits, What to Do When You Suspect Fraud.

Records Retention

For a comprehensive article about records retention, and to learn what the JHU Record Retention Policy is, see JHU Record Retention from the Office of Finance Monthly Newsletter, Vol 3, Issue 3, March 2012.


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