A search for a qualified candidate should be performed for all benefits bearing positions. A search involves seeking to identify a diverse pool of qualified candidates from which to select the individual whose background, experience, and/or field of expertise best meets the needs of the position. The candidate pool is usually arrived at through advertising for the position in the newspaper, on the web, in trade journals, and/or with professional associations or academic institutions. A handbook for conducting searches is available through the Provost’s Office, entitled, “Resource Guide for Search Committees“.

Search sequence of activities for tenure/tenure-track positions:

  • The slot for a new faculty position must first be approved by the relevant vice dean.
  • Next, the department chair requests permission in a letter to the dean to conduct a faculty search.
  • When the search is approved, the department designee creates a Faculty Applicant Summary Form. (See Faculty Applicant Summary Form Help Guide, below in “Tools” if you are new to this process.)
  • Upon the vice dean’s approval, the department chair selects a departmental faculty search committee, usually comprised of three faculty members (optional: graduate student participation).
  • The search committee submits, for the vice dean’s approval, the draft text of the advertisement for the position. Items to be included in the advertisement are: deadline for submission, areas of specialization, a list of required application materials, instruction for submission, and an Affirmative Action Statement.
  • At the close of the application period, applications are considered and finalists selected to interview. Prior to interviewing, the relevant vice dean must be notified that the Preliminary Affirmative Action  report, which indentifies the short list of candidates has been completed. (The Preliminary Affirmative Action is part of the online Faculty Applicant Summary Form.)  Upon approval, the interview process can start.
  • The interview process typically includes a meeting with the relevant vice dean, a seminar presentation, individual meetings with departmental faculty, and a group meeting with graduate students.
  • Once the departmental search yields a final selection of one candidate, the chair notifies the relevant vice dean, in writing.
  • If the candidate is at the level of Assistant Professor, the letter should include the following information: C.V. , three letters of recommendation, and the completed Affirmative Action report (which is submitted online via the Faculty Applicant Summary Form.  See link to form below in “Tools”)  A sampling of teaching evaluations with a summary of their contents should also be provided when it is possible to do so.
  • In the case of an appointment to a tenured position, please refer to revised procedures on the Academic Council website.
  • The candidate is then presented to the Academic Council for approval, at their next meeting.

Faculty Applicant Summary Form

The Faculty Applicant Summary Form is a database, which collects applicant information for full time professorial faculty.  This database collects information which is federally-mandated by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

The Faculty Applicant Summary Form Help Guide will assist you in learning and using this system. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact John Schmidt or Charles Huang, in Human Resources Information Systems.

Online Applications Systems

Most departments have switched to using online applications system for their faculty searches. KSAS has a contract with Interfolio; there is no cost to use this system.