Faculty Benefits

The JHU Benefits program is administered through the JHU Office of Benefits Services.

The JHU Office of Benefits Services is responsible for:

  • Providing and managing competitive benefits programs that provide for health, wellness and retirement;
  • Maintaining compliance with federal and state statutes; and
  • Communicating effectively with faculty and staff about their benefits.

Benefits for Faculty and Research Staff

Benefits for faculty and research staff are determined by the length of appointment period, level of effort (expressed in percentages), and type of appointment (i.e., visiting or non-visiting).

Benefits summaries for all faculty and research staff can be found on the benefits website at Benefits Summaries by Position.  Research staff should choose the benefits summaries for faculty of the same status, (i.e. full-time, part-time, or visiting.)

How to find Benefits Information

The JHU Benefits website is the central online resource for benefits information. The “Health & Life” section contains the links which will provide you with information about medical coverage, prescription drug plans, dental plans, vision plans, flexible spending accounts, life/accident/travel insurance, and disability coverage. Information about other benefits and services can be found on the various tabs.

Determining Benefits for the Appointment Form

Eligibility for benefits must be included on the appointment form.  For assistance in determining if the faculty appointee is eligible for full-time, part-time, temporary or limited, or no benefits, consult the Benefits Eligibility Summary.  You may also contact the KSAS Office of Human Resources.