New Website

Welcome to the newly updated KASPER website!

We have migrated KASPER from SiteExecutive into WordPress. By moving the site into WordPress, a much more intuitive and easy to use content management system, it will be easier for stakeholders to update their pages.

Moving the website into WordPress also allows users an easier way to find what they’re looking for. Please use our greatly improved search function that should help you find documents quickly and easily. 

The site may have a new theme, but the information is organized largely in the same way. In addition to conducting a user survey, we performed a full inventory of the website and reviewed the analytics. Due to low traffic, thin content, and other redundancies, several sections have been removed or streamlined into other areas of the website.

Although we will also be working on updating different sections of the site for your convenience, if you notice a document or content item is out of date, please use our Web Service Request form. Be sure to provide an updated version and a 2-3 sentence description of the file.