Zeiss Spinning Disk Confocal

Location: Dunning Hall 106

Type: Inverted Yokogowa spinning disk confocal with dual cameras on a Zeiss inverted stand

Illumination: Metal Halide lamp with DAPI,GFP and DsRED filter cube for eyepieces
Lasers: 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 630 nm lasers or confocal and FRAP paths.

Camera: 2x Photometrics Evolve delta.

Emission channels: DAPI, GFP and DsRed on eyepieces; DAPI, GFP, Red and FarRed on cameras

Eyepiece Filter Cubes:
Ex 359/48: dichroic 395: EM 445/50
Ex 470/40: dichroic 495: EM 525/50
Ex 572/26: dichroic 590: EM 645/90
CFP/GFP/dsRed (wavelengths unknown)

Camera Filter Setups:
Left Camera: 450/50, 520/35 and 690/50
Back camera: 629/62
Split: 100% left or 560 nm dichroic

10x 0.3NA
20x 0.8NA
40x 1.4NA Oil
63x 1.4NA Oil
100x 1.4NA Oil
150x 1.3NA Glycerol

Misc: 1.0x and 1.6x optovar, Disk Dichroic 405/488/568/647