We believe that broadening participation in the scientific community begins with inspiring and supporting future generations of scientists from diverse communities.  To that end, our goal is to connect our researchers with students in the local Baltimore area to offer mentorship and encourage interest in chemistry and other sciences. We aim to work with existing outreach opportunities as well as develop new platforms through which to share our passion with others.

We curate a list of volunteer opportunities in the Baltimore area, available here. We coordinate a team of mentors for the SABES after-school STEM program. We are also working on developing a partnership with a Baltimore schools to offer in-class chemistry demonstrations and information on careers in science.

Recent Events:

ACS Chemistry Day October 2018

Chem group leading kid experiment

Rawlings Conservatory Teaching June 2018

SABES STEM Showcase May 2018

Demo Day at Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women March 2018