We offer the WordPress solution for your department or program’s online calendar. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the “Add New” event page. Additional training videos are provided by the plugin’s developers.

  • Title: title of event
  • Event Details:
    • Is the event all-day? Does it not have an end time? If neither, don’t check
    • Start & end date / time fields
    • Time zone: should be New York. If not, please set.
    • Repeat? If your event repeats weekly or monthly, check here and input repeating days/times
  • Event Location Details:
    • Enter venue name
    • Enter address (if applicable)
    • Do not input coordinates
    • Show Map: optional
  • Event Cost & Tickets: Please check “no tickets”
  • Organizer Contact Info: Enter appropriate contact name, phone, email, and website url (where applicable)
  • Content Field: Enter body text for event
  • Categories: Is this event a Symposium? Lecture? Something else?
    • Enter and select your appropriate event categories here. Keep the categories as streamlined as possible, as they allow users to sort events by type on the calendar page.
  • Featured Image: similar to news posts, is there an image attached to the event?