Cost Transfers

To ensure that all costs are appropriately reflected, cost transfers are sometimes needed to correct, or accurately reflect the appropriate account number and G/L.

In accordance with federal regulations, cost transfers should be completed within a reasonable time frame from the date of the original transaction, and include an explanation for the transfers. If these transfers are not completed within 90 days of the original date of transaction, an additional explanation is required regarding the delay.

Non-Payroll Cost Transfer

Non-Payroll Cost Transfers are created to transfer intra-entity expenses or revenue between cost objects (i.e. from one internal order to another internal order), or within cost objects (i.e. from one G/L account to another G/L account within the same internal order). These transactions are created in SAP by using the ECC transaction called ZSGM_COST_TRANSFER. There are four different types of transfers that can be processed using this transaction:

  • Expense Only
  • Equipment
  • Non-Recurring Cost Allocation (Intra-Entity)
  • Revenue

Payroll Cost Transfer (E-Form)

The E-Form is a transaction in SAP which is used to request a payroll cost distribution change. This is a process to charge an employee’s salary by percentage and time frame to Cost Centers or Internal Orders which have accepted responsibility for a portion of an employee’s salary. The distribution, and the time period of distribution, are most often based on Grant Awards and Grant Award periods. An eForm is entered by an employee with the SAP Role Unit Cost Maintenance Initiator in the same Cost Center approval area as the employee whose salary is to be redistributed. An eForm is approved by a Unit Cost Maintenance Approver in the same Cost Center approval area. The Transaction Code of the eForm is ZHPA_EFORM. (This definition is from “SAP Term Definitions for End Users” from Johns Hopkins Medicine.)

The E-Form is used most often by administrators to transfer payroll distribution in sponsored accounts. The unit which is responsible for E-Forms is Effort Reporting, in the Office of Financial Research Compliance Controllers Office). Whether you are doing an E-Form for a sponsored account, or an E-Form for a non-sponsored account, this unit can provide assistance. See E-Forms under “Contacts” to get in touch with this office.


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